How-To Find the Paint Code on Vehicles

Are you looking to touch up a minor scratch, apply a fresh coat of paint, or even undertake a complete vehicle makeover? The paint code is a unique identifier that ensures you get the exact color match for your car's make and model. Follow these series of steps to locate your vehicles paint code:

Step One: Check your Owner's Manual

The owner's manual is often the first place to look for the paint code. In many cases, manufacturers include this information in the manual, making it easily accessible to vehicle owners. Look for a section related to vehicle specifications or color codes. The paint code might be listed there, accompanied by a description of the color.

Step Two: Check the Driver's Side Door Jamb

Open the driver's side door and inspect the door jamb (the metal area where the door latches). Manufacturers commonly place a label or sticker here that contains a wealth of information about your vehicle, including the paint code. Look for terms like "Paint Code," "Color Code," or "Exterior Color." The code is usually a combination of letters and numbers.

Step Three: Explore the Trunk Compartment

If you're unable to find the paint code on the door jamb, check the inside of your vehicle's trunk compartment. Some manufacturers place the paint code on the spare tire cover or the well of the trunk. Again, be on the lookout for labels or stickers that mention the paint code.

Short List of Locations:

  1. Drivers Door Jamb
  2. Passenger Door Jamb
  3. Firewall
  4. Trunk Lid
  5. Engine Bay
  6. Glove Box
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