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Compound & Polish BUNDLE: Includes 3M 05996, 05973 & 05990

Compound & Polish BUNDLE: Includes 3M 05996, 05973 & 05990

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3M 05990, Hand Glaze (1QT), Brown/Orange, Liquid:

  • Restores a brilliant shine and sparkle to automotive paints
  • Creates an "almost-wet" look that simply amazes
  • Easy to apply and wipe up
  • Paint shop and clear coat safe
  • Non-silicone, non-wax hand glaze
  • It is used by hand to refine and fill swirl marks after machine polishing
  • This product has been formulated to work on all colors and can be painted over

3M 05973, Rubbing Compound (1QT), Tan, Liquid:

  • Compound removes scratches caused by sanding
  • The formula effectively removes oxidation, stains, and surface blemishes
  • The application creates a lustrous shine with minimal swirl marks or holograms
  • Fast-cut formulation reduces compounding time
  • Medium cutting liquid compound
  • Leaves a fine finish
  • Can be used for hand or machine use
  • Removes water spots and is clear coat safe

3M 05996, Machine Polish (1QT), Gray, Liquid:

  • Easy cleanup
  • Contains no waxes or silicones
  • Paint shop safe
  • Leaves an excellent shine
  • Desk for dark-colored paint finishes
  • Compatible with most types of paints or clear coats
  • Use to remove compound swirl marks and other minor surface defects
  • Formulated to remove compound swirl marks
  • Leaves a swirl-free finish when applied with a 3M™ Foam Polishing Pad
  • Formulated for vehicles with dark color paints
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