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FORD OEM, MBC Regular OMNI Paint (Pint, Quart Gallon) (Code Batch 5)

FORD OEM, MBC Regular OMNI Paint (Pint, Quart Gallon) (Code Batch 5)

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*Paint Must be Reduced -- 1:1 Ratio*
  • Paint code is available in the following sizes:




  • Make: Ford
  • Please select desired quality and size

Disclaimer: We do not guarantee an exact color match. There is no refund policy or warranty for paint matching issues which may include:

  • Fading
  • Elemental Exposure
  • Distorted Ratios from Mixing

Please be sure to select the correct paint code. Once the paint is mixed and shipped, we will not be able to initiate any returns/swaps/replacements.

This product is intended to be used by professionals.

Color Codes:

  • KZ - Molten Chroma Gold
  • B5 - Bright Highland Green
  • FK - Diffused Silver
  • ME - Abyss Gray
  • UM - Infinite Black
  • BG - Baltic Sea Green
  • ZA - Diamond White
  • FM - Performance Blue
  • GU - Saber
  • BN - Silver Jade
  • FI - Smoke
  • AJ - Spinel Green
  • R1 - Urban Teal
  • Q - Brittany Blue
  • 4F - Medium Lime Poly
  • BQ - Light Parchment Gold
  • K7 - Bright Atlantic Blue
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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Limestone Green Omni Paint

Fast shipping, very well packed, did test panel and the green looks great! Thanks

Eric Dill
Omni MBC Paint

Really like the Omni MBC Paint, sprayed out nicely, good coverage, looks great with a nice clear coat over top. Much better coverage and easier spraying than a few other brands I have tried.