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Hyundai OEM Automotive Paint, MTK Single-Stage OMNI (Pint, Quart, Gallon)

Hyundai OEM Automotive Paint, MTK Single-Stage OMNI (Pint, Quart, Gallon)

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MTK is a fast-drying, cost-efficient urethane topcoat designed for today's automotive collision centers. National Rule Compliant.
  • Vehicle Make: Hyundai
  • Mix Ratio: 4:1:1 (Paint : Hardener : Reducer)
  • Check out the "MH" hardeners: (MH167)(MH168)(MH169)
  • Available in Pint, Quart & Gallon

*This is a single-stage paint. You will need a topcoat hardener and reducer.*


Disclaimer: We do not guarantee an exact color match. There is no refund policy or warranty for paint matching issues which may include:

  • Fading
  • Elemental Exposure
  • Distorted Ratios from Mixing

Please be sure to select the correct paint code. Once the paint is mixed and shipped, we will not be able to initiate any returns/swaps/replacements.

This product is intended to be used by professionals.

Color Codes

 UD - Clear White / Cosmetic White

HL - Bright Red / Hip Hop Red

CS - Clean Silver / Glacier Silver

EB - Ebony Black / Obsidian Black

N8 - Sunset Orange / Tango Red

G8 - Apple Green / Light Green

3W - Mellow Yellow / Sheer Yellow

8N - Leaf Green

9G - Gold Beige

5S - Platinum Silver / Space Silver

5R - Wine Red

3E - Blue Onyx / Dark Sapphire Blue

2M - Charcoal Gray / Midnight Gray

2B - Ice Blue / Skye Blue

S02 - Chateau

FG / HD - Sleek Silver

NGA - Super Red / Tsukuba Red

2E - Dark Grey

BH - Electric Red

YS6 - Santiago Silver

M2B - Misty Beige


UG4 - Urban Gray

4SS - Olympus Silver

PWT - White

P6W - Chalk White

TUY - Thunder Bolt

R3G - Galactic Gray / Galaxy Grey

R4G - Titan Gray / Titan Grey

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