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Kapci 6030, 2K HS Anti-Scratch Clearcoat (1L) & Hardener (0.5L)

Kapci 6030, 2K HS Anti-Scratch Clearcoat (1L) & Hardener (0.5L)

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6030 (Clearcoat)

  • A high solids VOC compliant 2K acrylic clearcoat that can be used over Kapci Dima 9670 waterborne basecoats. It is suitable for all types of repairs and delivers a high gloss and durable finish.
  • Size: 1L

6035 (Normal)

  • Kapci Hardeners are polyisocyanate based for 2K products. They are specially designed for Kapci 2k acrylic paints, Kapci MS and HS clearcoats, Kapci 2k MS and HS fillers, and Kapci 2k sealers.
  • This hardener is suitable for a partial and complete respray at normal temperatures.
  • Size: 0.5L

Mixing Ratio

  • 2:1 mix
  • 5% reducer
  • 5-10 minute flash time


No shipments to 2.1 VOC States!

The buyer must understand the laws and regulations of their respective states--understanding whether or not they are compliant in order this material.

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