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Nissan OEM, 1K Touchup Spray Paint

Nissan OEM, 1K Touchup Spray Paint

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  • *This product is to be used with reducer -- 1:1 ratio*
  • Paint code is available in the following sizes:




  • Please select desired size

Disclaimer: We do not guarantee an exact color match. There is no refund policy or warranty for paint matching issues which may include:

  • Fading
  • Elemental Exposure
  • Distorted Ratios from Mixing

Please be sure to select the correct paint code. Once the paint is mixed and shipped, we will not be able to initiate any returns/swaps/replacements.

This product is intended to be used by professionals.

Color Codes

KY0 - Blade Silver / Brilliant Silver / Chrome Silver / Sheer Silver

Z11 - Black MET / Pearlescent Black

B20 - Sapphire Blue Onyx / Sapphire Black

K11 - Silver Graphite / Smoke

B54 - Adriatic Blue / Baikal Blue

FAA - Grayish Green / Tidewater

NAB - Tuscan Sun / Dark Red

KAH - Pinkish Silver / Warm Silver

LAA - Dark Violet / Deep Amethyst

KAD - Asgard Grey / Gunmetal Gray

KAC - Bronze Gray / Titanium

RAB - Deep Blue / Navy Blue

DAD - Mystic Jade

RAP - Ocean Gray

HAE - Desert Sand / Light Beige

E12 - Light Gold / Luminous Gold

EY1 - Velvet Beige

WV2 - Sparkling Silver

EY0 - Golden Sand / Light Gold

6BM / B21 - Medium Blue

K12 - Radiant Silver/ Silver Mist

K21 - Steel Grey

GAB - Nightshade

E10 - Fun Yellow / Sunburst

KH3 - Black Obsidian

KAG - Scarlet Silver

CAJ - Tobacco

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