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OMNI™ MP282, High Build 2K Primer-Surfacer (1qt) & MH283, Normal Hardener (1/2pt)

OMNI™ MP282, High Build 2K Primer-Surfacer (1qt) & MH283, Normal Hardener (1/2pt)

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MP282 (4) : MH283 (1)


Can be top-coated with:

  • MP17x Epoxy Primer
  • MP213 GP Sealer
  • MP23x 2K Urethane Sealers
  • MBP Omni Plus Acrylic Urethane Basecoat
  • MBC Acrylic Basecoat
  • MTK Acrylic Urethane Single Stage
  • MAE Acrylic Enamel
  • MAE Acrylic Enamel with Hardener

Can be applied over:

  • Cleaned, sanded, and etch primed steel, galvanized, and aluminum.
  • Sanded and cleaned body filler, SMC, and gel-coated fiberglass.
  • Properly cleaned and sanded E-coat Cleaned, cured, and sanded OEM and refinished coatings.
  • MP17x Epoxy Primers
  • MP176 Etch Primer
  • MP178 Plastic Primer
  • MP243 Polyester Primer


2 - 3 coats

1st Coat: Fully cover the roller by rolling it in the MP282 primer. Start from the center of the repair and roll the primer all the way out to the featheredge using a “flicking” or lifting technique that will create a feathered edge in the primer around the entire repair. This technique will ensure a thin, smooth edge and make the sanding of the featheredge much easier.

2nd and 3rd Coats:

When the first coat has thoroughly flashed for approximately 3 - 5 minutes, again start from the center and roll another coat just inside the edge of the first coat, using a featheredge ‘lifting’ technique. Note: Be sure to not allow the 2nd and 3rd coats to extend past the outside edge of the previous coat’s featheredge or solvent may be trapped resulting in shrinkage and may also generate a heavier edge than desired which will require excessive-finish sanding.


After an appropriate air dry or force cure, MP282 can be wet sanded with P400 followed by P600 or dry sanded with P360 followed by P500. After sanding, a minimum film build of 1.5 mils is recommended for optimum performance.

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Customer Reviews

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John Clemson

Pretty good high build primer

John Kelly

Very good primer at a good price